Welcome to ROTARY RECYCLE USA Supersite. This web site is dedicated to the preservation of the Suzuki RE-5
and Hercules W-2000 Rotary engine motorcycles.

We are currently working to improve your experience with Rotary Recycle. We hope you enjoy the wonderful
changes that will be brought to you shortly. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us by
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As you browse our site, you'll notice we've taken into certain consideration the special breed of enthusiasts who
hear the beat of a different drum and appreciate the unique Wankel engine motorcycle. Here emerges a certain type
of individual that has become fascinated with the mechanical wonders of the Rotary engine.

Drawn like a magnet to these limited-production motorcycles, these admirers have bonded together to not only
celebrate this unique machine but to preserve these motorcycles for future generations.

Undoubtedly different, the Rotary motorcycle has been overlooked, ridiculed, and shunned as a member of the
motorcycle community, thus keeping it in the shadows for many years. However, a handful of supporters
determined to keep the Rotary engine alive persisted to "beat the drum" (through newsletters, rallies, and technical
support) and eventually broadened interest on these limited-production bikes. These true believers stood by the
Rotary and defended its merits. Now nearly 35 years since production ceased, the Rotary has turned full circle and
has emerged from the darkness into the limelight as a serious, classic, collectable motorcycle.

ROTARY RECYCLE USA is proud to be a part of the original handful of people that have worked to keep the Rotary
motorcycle on the road for nearly 30 years, by providing riders, restorers, collectors, racers, and museums with
quality, new, used, and reconditioned motorcycle parts. Thanks to the ever-increasing interest in Rotary engine
motorcycles, the market continues to grow.

We have the largest indoor collection of Re5 and Hercules part bikes in the world...

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